Chris Faulk

PI: Christopher Faulk, PhD
Education: BA (Louisiana State University), PhD (Louisiana State University), Post-doc (University of Michigan)
Position: Associate Professor of Functional Genomics
About: Chris is from south Louisiana and has established the lab with a focus on Epigenetics and Functional Genomics




Niki Wanner

PhD Student: Nicole "Niki" Wanner, DVM
Education: DVM University of Minnesota
About: Niki enjoys all manner of animals, data science, and doing lab rotations






Carrie Walls

Lab Technician: Carrie Walls
Education: Michigan State University
About: Carrie enjoys dogs, baking, and Duluth





Lab Alumni

Mathia “Tia” Colwell

PhD Student : Mathia “Tia” Colwell
Education: BS Augsburg College
About: Tia enjoys pipetting, coffee, and puppies
Currently: Postdoc in the Dolinoy lab at the University of Michigan





Mandi Rezabek

Undergrad Tech: Amanda "Mandi" Rezabek
Education: BS Animal Science (UMN)
About: Mandi loves animals, football, fried chicken and sweet tea, even though she's from Minnesota.



Anna Clarke

Master's Student: Anna Clarke
Education: BS Iowa State University
About: Originally from Southern California but somehow ended up in the Midwest. Enjoys all things sports, walking/playing with my puppy, and spending time with my husband.





Chelsea Drown

Student Worker: Chelsea Drown
Education: University of Minnesota (in progress)
About: Chelsea is a part of the Delta Gamma sorority, Pre-Genetic Counseling Club, and enjoys the sun and summertime. Mel's sister. One of 4.
Currently: Chelsea is in the PhD program at UC Boulder






Samantha Ky

Student Worker: Samantha Ky (Graduated Spring 2018)
Education: BS University of Minnesota
About: Enjoys spending time with her dog.
Currently: Sam is attending medical school






Mellissa “Mel” Drown

Former Student Worker: Dr. Melissa “Mel” Drown
Education: University of Minnesota (in progress)
About: Mel enjoys defeating lesser hockey players, and getting into graduate school as a marine biologist.
Currently: Dr. Drown has completed the PhD program at the Rosensteil School of Marine and Atmospheric Science at U of Miami and is currently an NSF supported Postdoc in the McGaugh lab at the University of Minnesota




Amanda Borchers

Master's Student: Amanda Borchers Palowski (Graduated Spring 2018)
Education: BA Minnesota State University Moorhead, MS University of Minnesota Animal Science. 
About: Enjoys working with pigs and showing horses
Currently: Amanda has begun her PhD program under the mentorship of Dr. Gerald Shurson in the Animal Science Dept. here at UMN.





Kelly Showel

Student Worker: Dr. Kelly Showel (2015-2017) 
Education: University of Minnesota, BS Biological Sciences 2017. Pre-Pharmacy.
About: Kelly enjoys everything about Chicago, and making gels. Can also aquire human tissue.
Currently: Kelly is a postdoc at the Mayo Clinic







Laura Jensen

Student Worker: Laura Jensen (2017-2018) (Graduated Spring 2018)
Education: University of Minnesota, BS Animal Sciences 2018. 
About: I enjoy showing dairy cows, reading books, and travelling.